Synagogue Services

Shabbat services will are held at the 
Chabad House
74 South Main Street

Weekly Shabbat Services

Shabbat Services

Friday Night Minyan

First Friday of every month!

9:00 am -
Morning Service begins

Torah Reading & Discussion

Followed by Kiddush, Challah and light refreshments

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Kiddush 11/10
Sponsored By

Robert and Judy Braun

In Memory of Robert's parents

Yehiel Yehuda ben Shmul Zalman OB"M

Rochel bat Moshe OB"M

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Join us at our
Friday Night Minyan,
a traditional and warm service

Followed by Kiddush
and Refreshments

NOTE: First Friday Move to November 9 

Friday, November 9
at 6:30 p

Kiddush Sponsored by

Norma and Mark
Goldstein / Steele

Yahrzeit of
Samuel & Lena Goldstein 

and Avi Yalon OB"M

20th anniversary of Norma and Mark

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