Week of 6/29

Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you join us this week at our online Jewish Learning Academy. As I prepare for Camp Gan Israel, I personally will be taking a break for the next two weeks from teaching online classes. Classes will resume week of July 13th.

This weeks in-person services are still on:
Thursday Morning Tefillin and Torah Reading, 8:30am - Click here
First Friday Under the Stars, 7:00pm - Click here
Shabbat Morning Service, 9:00am - Click here

Here is a list of live online classes being offered on chabad.org this week.

Monday, 12:00pm
Two Guys in Basements Talk About the Mystery of the Red Heifer: What was it used for? Is it really so rare? Was it really red? What does it mean if one has been sighted?
Rabbis Menachem Posner & Yehuda Shurpin
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Monday, 4:00pm
Will There Be Police in the Times of Moshiach? What does the Talmud’s ideal society look like?
By Tzvi Freeman & Jay Gutovitch
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Tuesday, 8:00pm
Suicide Prevention How two young women began an awareness revolution, and what you need to know to help someone in trouble. Interview with Ella Steinmetz, director of CTeen, Chabad of Sarasota; Leigh Hershkovich-Ioffe, safeTALK instructor and Creative Director of CTeen International; and Jack Miller of Gelt Financial.
By Chana Weisberg

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Wednesday, 8:45pm
Union of G‑d in Nature How the conceptual work of understanding the dynamic of creation helps become cognizant of the union of G‑d in nature, and of the effacement of the world within the divine.
By Eli Rubin
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It is important to strengthen the areas of our 'spiritual' health that have a direct effect on our physical health. We encourage you to keep finding safe ways to exercise your soul.

Specifically in times of uncertainty, when we can become unnerved and overcome with fear about what might happen, we must remind ourselves that G‑d is in charge; we're not alone, and nothing is random.

Best wishes for good health,
Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan
Chabad in Medford