Chabad in Medford Update


Dear Friends,

No matter where we may live in this ever-shrinking world, everyone seems to be thinking about the coronavirus (COVID-19). The situation is ever-evolving, and as the days progress, the number of people impacted is increasing at an alarming rate.

So much seems uncertain. Sadly as well, we are dealing with this new virus by staying away from each other. Yet although following the CDC guidelines for social distancing keeps us apart physically - ironically at a time when our instinct is to huddle together, we can still support each other virtually.

Reach out to the people in your life who are also feeling afraid and alone, especially people with fewer support systems in place. If you are still able to go out safely, offer to run errands for those more vulnerable. With phones, email, Whatsapp, video chat, and the many other platforms we are fortunate to have access to, no one should feel alone or forgotten. Stay positive, take some time to browse some resources to help you through this period, and please reach out to us if there's any way we can support you.

May G‑d grant our world healing real soon, and especially the ultimate healing — the coming of Moshiach!


In this time of confusion and uncertainty, with so many questions and few answers, we write to offer you a definitive piece of news.

Chabad in Medford will stay open for the duration! Albeit with a little twist.

We are working hard to continue to bring you that which you count on us for - Judaism and community, imbued with warmth and joy.

However, as always, safety is our number one priority. As such there will be no in-person events or services at Chabad in Medford for the time being.

Details are still in the works, but here is what we are offering for now:

1. Live Online Torah Classes. Tanya, Torah Studies & Passover Insights. Click here for more information.

2. Four-part course titled "Stress Less".  Click here for more information.  

3. Coronavirus: Resources, Inspiration and Guidance.Click here for more information.

4. "Seder in a Box" with all you need for the Passover Seder. Details to follow

5. Passover Wine Sale and Fundraiser. Click here for more information

6. Coronavirus Community support effort. Click here for more information

May G‑d bless us all with strength, health and happiness. May the world merit to a time of peace with the coming of Moshiach!


Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan
Chabad in Medford

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