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These days, it seems like nothing has a shelf life longer than a week. Every day brings another superhero franchise, fashion trend, or dieting fad. News cycles shift by the hour, social media feeds and timelines by the second. With everything flickering, flashing, and constantly updating, it’s little wonder life sometimes feel so impermanent.

For me, there’s no better way to slow things down than to pull back, if only for short while, and try to see things from a more timeless perspective. Our own Jewish traditions are filled with so many breathtaking insights, and they won’t fade away into irrelevance in a few days. Connecting to our own heritage, and ultimately to a divine wisdom, makes the all very human things we do feel richer, more meaningful, and part of something longer lasting.

The Torah Studies program at  Chabad in Medford tries to make this happen every single week. Each class take a topic or idea in Jewish thought to explore, tease out, and bring into play with our own lives. Each one is built around texts that we’ll learn together so that you can see these ideas for yourself, argue over them, and apply them to life your own way. Below, you can see an outline of a few of the upcoming sessions, and I’d love if you could join me for what promises to be a fun, engaging, and deeply rewarding learning experience. They are open to everyone, of all abilities, so bring along a friend too!

Shalom, and have a great week,

Baily Kahan

Chabad in Medford

Monday, October 12 2020

Purpose Before Process

How the Creation of Light Creates a Road Map for Personal Success

Have you ever looked back at life and thought that maybe, just maybe, you’ve raced your way to a dead end? Psychologists, life coaches, and your next door neighbor all agree: To win the race of life, you must first know where you’re going. It turns out they’re all agreeing with none other than G‑d Himself.

Monday, October 19 2020

Words Shape Reality. Use Them Wisely.

Sometimes HOW We Speak Is More Important Than WHAT We Speak

Much has been said about the power of words. So how do we balance the need to be articulate and clear with our desire to be sensitive and sanitary with our speech? The Torah’s precise choice of words shows us how.

Monday, October 26 2020

“You Do You,” They Said. Judaism Concurs.

Finding Individual Expression in the Monolith of Jewish Observance

Are you calm, excitable, loud, studious, ambitious, or shy? Or maybe something else? Whatever the answer, it seems that when it comes to religion, there simply isn’t any room for that. “Do this,” “Don’t do that,” and call it a day. Embedded in the covenant between G‑d and Abraham is the secret of a personal Judaism.

Monday, November 2 2020

Leaping into Awesomeness

Judaism, Post-Sinai, Is Nothing Like It Was Before

“Reach for the stars.” It’s a nice cliché, but really? – You can’t possibly touch the stars! Follow a winding path that starts with a deep analysis of our forefathers’ religious status to the mountaintop of Sinai, and discover how, indeed, you can reach even higher than the stars.

Monday, November 9 2020

Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

Being Gifted Is Great; Working Hard Is Even Better

In what can arguably be the most un-Jewish thing to do, we read that Avraham insisted on paying full price for a piece of real estate. Why? Avraham’s purchasing habits, emulated by his descendant King David, teach a powerful lesson: in life, paying full price is the only way to truly make it yours.

Monday, November 16 2020

To Plow Is to Sow Is to Reap

Two Sides of the Teshuvah Coin

To look at your life in shambles and exclaim, “Oy!” is decidedly unproductive. It may look good, but it’s not going to get you anywhere. Take a cue from Yitzchak, who prefaced a blessing to his son with . . . visions of a plowed field. Why? Because the engine for true growth is in the dismemberment wrought by the plowshares.

Monday, November 23 2020

Rooting Out Recidivism

The Quest to Cure the Problem, Not the Symptom

Fierce debates rage around questions of law and order, the rate of incarceration, and community policing. Yaakov’s swift departure from the fabled town of Be’er Sheva, to avoid peace talks, is the surprising setting in which the insight to these questions can be found.

Monday, November 30 2020

The Day Your Soul Is Set Afire

The Chassidic Holiday You’ve Never Heard of That Will Change Your Life

A famed Chassidic master taught that when we set out to conquer the world, we should only let our bodies out of the gate, remaining true to our soul. This pithy teaching contains the secret to the life you’re looking for, and there’s a whole new holiday to celebrate it. Lechayim!

Monday, December 7 2020

The Treadmill of Life

If Yesterday Was Good, Today Must Be Even Better

Learning to take your first step as a baby was a true feat. As an adult, it’s hopefully not. That’s the way it works: Yesterday’s accomplishment becomes today’s norm—and it’s up to you to build from there. Access this truth by way of a curious Scriptural quirk about an obscure Canaanite city.

Monday, December 14 2020

Every Victory Is Worth Celebrating

You Don’t Have to Win the War, So Concentrate on the Battle

“What is Chanukah?” asks the Talmud. Far from this being a simple question any Hebrew School kid can answer, the Talmud challenges us to ask what it is that we consider to be the primary lesson of the Chanukah miracle. Look to the candles and remember that it’s not so much about winning as it is about fighting.

Monday, December 21 2020

A Time to Cry, a Time to Act

If There’s Anything You Can Still Do, Do It!

There are many roadblocks to change. Lack of focus, lack of resources, or laziness, to name a few. An epic meeting between two long-lost brothers, climaxing in heartfelt tears, clues us in to more than one solution to these challenges. Their story will wipe your tears and get your engines going.

Monday, December 28 2020


Why Believing in Mashiach Is Fundamental to Our Faith

Maimonides famously classified believing in the messianic era as one of the thirteen principle of faith. Why? Discover how hoping, anticipating, and syncing with Mashiach underpins everything we do.


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