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Fifteen years ago, Baily and I moved to South Jersey with the goal of increasing the awareness, knowledge and observance of Judaism in Medford and its surrounding areas.

We established Chabad in Medford
, an organization dedicated to reaching out to all Jews, regardless of age, affiliation or level of observance.

It has been an interesting fifteen years, and a wonderful journey for us. We have had so many different experiences and encounters with Jewish people in the area.  We have people coming to classes who haven’t explored their Judaism in many years. Over the years we had hundreds who attended our community Passover Seders, Purim parties and other holiday and family events!  

Chabad in Medford extends a welcoming hand to Jews throughout the region. It has established contact with families in towns lying well outside of established Jewish areas. Many of these families join us with pride at our annual Chanukah celebration on Main Street in Medford . We overlook no one and will go anywhere to help another Jew.  

We visit senior centers
regularly, provide chaplaincy to area hospital and jails, because they we believe that everyone is a fellow Jew.
For  twelve years Chabad in Medford offered services on the High Holidays, each year more and more people join. Chabad’s “First Friday” evening services have turned into a social event and are well attended, as well as our weekly Shabbat Services.

When we first moved here, we focused on making individual connections and operated mainly out of our home, renting space when necessary. 

Four years ago Chabad established permanent presence in town. We purchased a beautiful historical home on Main Street, right in the center of Medford. With work and an expansion, it became the perfect place for us!

DSCF4153.jpgIt is now a charming Chabad House, where children, adults and the elderly can experience joy, compassion and knowledge that is inherent in Jewish life.  We have offices, a large room for events and services, a library and learning center, and a youth room that provides programs for children of all ages. 

Chabad has made a real difference in peoples' lives both materially and spiritually. We pledge to continue to do all that we can to touch and inspire to educate and uplift.

We ask you to please partner with us in our vital work and consider Chabad in your contributions. With a donation to Chabad, you make a sound investment in the future of our people, an investment that reaps rewards for years to come.

Chabad in Medford, NJ, is responsible to raise every cent of its annual operating budget. Every gift from our donors remains here in the community.


Rabbi Yitzchok and Baily Kahan